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About 52 Moons

Hi, I'm Lin

After some 20 years as a designer for some of the largest clothing companies in South Africa, I decided to set out to create a collection that is very personal to me.

Most of these are garments I have had made, over the years, for myself. Wherever and whenever I have worn these outfits I have had nothing but compliments and requests for them to be made.

So, while they represent my own personal fashion aesthetic, I have also taken note of input from 52 Moons followers and, naturally, global trends.

My ultimate aim is to create a set of comfortable, classic, yet somewhat quirky basics that will form the backbone of your wardrobe. By ensuring that they are of the highest quality, with a timeless style, means that you will be keeping these items for years to come, thus ensuring a reduction of waste and limiting disposal.

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